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Collaborative Professionals and Employment

Fostering autonomy for mental health professionals 

Empowered Therapy was founded on the idea of fostering independence and growth, not just for our clients but for other mental health and medical professionals as well. Our vision is to provide an environment for professionals to work together while managing their own independent practices. If you're a provider looking to share space, please feel free to contact us!

Not ready for your own practice? We're hiring LGBTQIA+ affirming fully licensed providers or folks with an in training license. We offer full autonomy with your scheduling and case load. This is a great way for people to explore what private practice is like and we will offer support to those who are interested in learning how to set up their own practice. We offer a W2 position, 65/35 split for part time providers and a 70/30 split for providers that schedule at least 18 session per week. We do not offer benefits at this time.

If interested in joining the collaborative or being employed under Empowered Therapy LLC, please contact Kelly Ringhand directly at 608-302-6395 or via email at

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