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Specialty Areas 


Trauma can be an event or series of events. It can include emotional or verbal abuse, physical
abuse, sexual abuse, or bullying. Trauma can also be complex. If it has stuck with you and it
feels heavy, it’s worth talking about. Memories and emotional reactions resulting from a
traumatic event can be incapacitating. It can impact thinking, mood, feelings, and the ability to
relate to others. Having a professional that understands how to help navigate emotions and
memories of trauma can help you feel safe and supported in the process. Our counseling
approach is person-centered around individualized approaches to offer strategies to assist in
better understanding yourself and processing the emotions connected to the traumatic
experience. No matter what has occurred in your life, we look from the angle of what
happened to you versus what’s wrong with you.


Many people seek out therapy during life changes. Major life changes like death, divorce, job changes, moving, or becoming new parents can create feelings of anxiety, isolation, dread, loneliness, or hopelessness. Counseling can help you navigate these changes through support and validation. Our counselors will help provide tools to navigate the stressors of change.


All of our counselors provide generalized counseling services! Some reasons people may seek out counseling are:

  • anxiety and depression

  • mood disorders

  • understanding neurodiversity

  • life transitions

  • grief

  • improving communication skills

  • learning to set boundaries

  • learning and understanding their symptoms around a diagnosis

  • processing trauma

  • improving coping skills

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